Burung Dara

The messenger bird who brings the message to you.

Burung Dara (English : pigeon / dove) has been known since long time ago as the messenger bird when you need to deliver the message. The history recorded back to 3,000 Years the messenger pigeons were used. By training, the pigeon would naturally fly back to its home where the recipient could read the message.

Started from the same principal, 1Dara will provide you with the same delivery document process and ensuring that the message will deliver to your destination as your wishes. With expertise in the oil & gas environment who needs to deliver so many documents to be reviewed by user, 1Dara will give advantages on handling the document traffic. With 1Dara, the transmittal shall be created automatically and send to your user and the user can respond in the same 1Dara system. All the transmitted documents are recorded in your database.


1Dara will give you practicability in sending & receiving documents. No more hassleness. In just clicking and less typing.

Team Work

Everyone can send the documents right from their desk without need to go through administration table.


The system will automatically create the transmittal and document shall be send directly to your recipient.

For Sender

A simplified way to send your document

With 1Dara system, the document can be transmitted with the transmittal is automatically created for you. The document shall be recorded in the database and can be seen with your collegous. No more hassleness.

For Recipient

Easier way to return your document

After recieving and make a comment in the document, you can go to 1Dara system to send the comented document to the sender. The document shall be recorded & send to the sender automatically.

Business Advantage

For business owner, the 1Dara system will ensure you integrate all the documentation in one 1Dara system only. The document can be seen accross your team member and the progress can be achiveable easliy since the team member can submitted the documents directly without making a transit in administration table.